Black Lace

“A DJ without a Black Lace record is not a DJ.”

Needing absolutely no introduction, Black Lace have kindly (or stupidly) agreed to headline our convention/party. With a staggering 8 million records sold worldwide and a solid 86 weeks in the UK charts, Black Lace isn’t just any party band; they’re an essential ingredient to any festival, concert, or celebration that promises a good time.

From iconic tracks like “Superman” to “Do The Conga,” and “Agadoo” to “Music Man,” Black Lace’s tunes are more than just songs—they’re invitations to let loose and party. Guaranteed to energize the crowd, they’re the perfect headliners to get everyone on their feet at Tattooed Planet.

Closing the show on Sunday night, take part in our ‘World’s longest tattooed conga line’ record attempt, which has been officially shunned by the Guinness Book of Records!

When: Sunday

Dr Diablo's Sideshow

Step right up for the chilling thrills and exhilarating chills as Dr. Diablo brings his Carnival Macabre to Tattooed Planet. As much a bizarre and sideshow wonder as one can endure, Dr. Diablo’s evening show is a veritable feast of the odd and the extraordinary.

Your senses will be tested as he performs jaw-dropping acts like the Human Blockhead, turns his neck into a pin cushion, and crams bendy girls into impossibly small boxes.

But that’s just the start. Watch in a mix of horror and fascination as he electrocutes his assistant, navigates the tricky terrain of mousetraps, and stands on a bed of nails — sometimes adding the weight of a brave volunteer for that extra thrill (it could be you!).

Dr. Diablo promises an experience that horrifies, amazes, and astounds, ensuring an unforgettable highlight at our event.

When: Saturday

Ruff Trade

RUFF TRADE, Manchester’s own explosive reggae ensemble, is set to bring their dynamic Roots, Rock, Reggae rhythm to Tattooed Planet, infusing the event with the vibrant spirit and powerful pulse of the city’s streets.

Since their formation in 2016, the band has become synonymous with electrifying performances that capture the true essence of Manchester’s diverse musical heritage. With their local roots and significant following, RUFF TRADE embodies the community and cultural vibrancy that Tattooed Planet celebrates.

Their performance at the convention is not just a gig; it’s an embodiment of reggae spirit meshed with Mancunian grit. Expect RUFF TRADE to deliver a high-energy set that resonates with authenticity and passion, perfect for setting the tone of inclusivity and celebration.

When: Saturday

Tengu Taiko Drummers

The Tengu Taiko Drummers bring an electrifying mix of traditional and contemporary rhythms to the stage. Formed in August 2018 after years of dedicated training, this group embodies the power and precision of Japanese drumming, enriched with influences from various cultures and themes.

Their performances are not just musical acts; they are vibrant celebrations of cultural storytelling, pulsating with energy and passion that captivate audiences.

Expect a dynamic performance that aligns brilliantly with the show’s eclectic and spirited atmosphere – a thunderous, rhythmic experience that not only showcases their extensive repertoire but also shares the joy and communal spirit of Taiko drumming. Their presence at the event promises to be a stirring display of artistry and energy, leaving attendees both invigorated and inspired.

When: Saturday

Titan Strongman

Meet Steve, the UK’s No.1 Sideshow Strongman, a spectacle of strength and sheer audacity you can’t miss at Tattooed Planet. Holding four world records, including an astounding 120kg dumbbell press under the British Natural Strongman Federation, Steve is not just strong—he’s a powerhouse performer known for pushing the boundaries of what you might expect a strongman to do.

But strength isn’t his only party trick. Steve is famously eccentric, often seen performing jaw-dropping stunts like stapling things to himself or putting a drill where it really doesn’t belong –  guaranteed to leave the crowd both horrified and utterly fascinated. Perfect for an event that celebrates the extraordinary (do you know of any? 😉), Steve brings a thrilling mix of muscle and madness, ensuring that his performance is as unforgettable as it is unbelievable.

When: Sunday


Performed by Professional Burlesque duo Kali Viridis and Lilly Von Ice of Siren Asylum, expect a mesmerising and provocative twist to Tattooed Planet.

The Sirens team delve deep into the tantalizing world of cabaret with a show that promises more than just dance. Expect an act filled with bold and breathtaking acts that push the boundaries of traditional burlesque.

Perfect for those looking to spice up their evening, their performance is a blend of sophisticated allure and audacious entertainment, set against a backdrop of live music.

With an adults-only (but female friendly) tag, it’s a spectacle designed to thrill and captivate. Join Kali and Lilly for an unforgettable night that’s definitely not safe for work but absolutely perfect for play.

When: Sunday