Welcome to Tattooed Planet, an incredible gathering for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists.

Our passion for this industry drives us to create an unforgettable tattoo convention that truly honours and supports its talented community. 

Unlike many other shows, we are not here to exploit our amazing art form for profit but rather to celebrate the true essence of tattooing and give you the recognition you rightfully deserve!

At Tattooed Planet, we understand that the heart and soul of this industry lie within the talented artists who bring breath taking creations to life on the skin of their clients. Without you, our identity would be lost, and that’s why we are dedicated to showcasing the diverse character and beauty of our little tattooed planet.

Our mission is clear – to provide a platform where artists can flourish, express their creativity, and engage with a passionate audience eager to embrace the art of tattooing. We take pride in curating an event that values quality over quantity, focusing on promoting a genuine connection between artists and enthusiasts.

Our commitment extends beyond showcasing exceptional tattoos; we are equally devoted to providing a platform for traders to shine and share their unique creations. From handcrafted jewellery and taxidermy to art prints and everything in between, the traders’ contributions add a special charm to our community. We understand that these traders play a crucial role in enriching our tattooed planet.

Tattooed Planet is more than just a convention; it’s a celebration of industry, culture, and community.

Join us in 2024 where our shared love for this extraordinary art form unites us all and transforms our little corner of the galaxy into the Tattooed Planet.